Monday, September 11, 2006

wake up and smell the Kaapi!!!

Over the past month Alchemy has gone to sleep. I guess it was obvious - Sanjeev was busy launching IndianShutter, Juno was busy being Juno, I was trying to do too many things (inclusive of learning how to burp a lil baby girl, feed her on time and generally be a responsible father - phew) and the others too I suppose had their reasons.

In the time that went by a few things happened - MaalDhamaal - an idea that was born on Alchemy has formally taken shape of a company and the launch will be happen soon. And we are closer to getting Alchemy of Thoughts to be a incubator of ideas and businesses.

In the weeks ahead I hope that there will be some awesome breaking news and also more concepts discussed as before.

Saturday, September 02, 2006 is a week old today

We are today, a week after launch, celebrating the following :

35227 Hits
45 Registrations
3 paid up premium members
30+ photos approved and uploaded
Referrals from Alchemy of Thoughts : 15 unique visits.

Some experienced photographers on our site include Nigel Pinto from the UAE and Omkar Singh Plaha from India.

We have also recd requests from certain stock photo agencies in India to upload their entire database of images onto ... As soon as we reach an agreement with these agencies, we should be at least 15000 photos strong.

One key feedback that has come in so far, is about us offering free members only 20% of revenues per photo sold. Maybe, the people here could guide us as to whether this needs to be addressed. I personally, from experience, feel that 20% is a good figure, 'cuz most sites do that. I am however, open to raising it to 30% ... Maybe, I could look at offering 30% as an incentive to people who upload a certain number of photos, or to people who do referrals to get in 10 members, each of who upload 5 photos or something to that effect.

Thank you all for an extremely satisfying response.

Warm Regards
Sanjeev Sarma