Sunday, January 28, 2007

movies - the great leveller

at spice PVR noida, close to the ghastly scene at nithari, life rocks and rolls.

the crowds at this 9 auditorium multiplex have to be seen to be believed.

including the chief minister of new delhi, sheila dixit who comes by for a show with us plebians with a solitary plainclothes escort in tow.

so is the multplex experience becoming the new leveller ?

Friday, January 19, 2007

it's me again...

and i have to tell you guys about the way brands pop up wherever they can grab a consumer for a few minutes ( and thats a lot, believe you me )...

after upscale pub washrooms were used by marie-claire and multiplex washrooms by dettol liquid hand-wash, the washrooms in an upscale gurgaon mall feature posters of brand kotex.
it's not just a fancy advertising message, but health, hygiene and usage tips relevant to brand usage. smart one that.
i think all that's left are the WC's for harpic liquid toilet cleaners and perhaps for flush-kleen !!


at the food court at gurgaon's cyber-greens, home to the likes of sapient, nokia, dupont, abn-amro..the longest queues were at the indian food counter.
perhaps it confirms my belief that for regular food, we prefer to fall back on the tried and tested desi stuff.
even the expats preferred indian food..
i, for one, cannot handle sandwiches, pizza and fries more than once a week. and ask me how i struggled to find food in tokyo and singapore...i ended up losing a couple of kilos...


updates on the folks here on this blog and perhaps why a few of us are silent

gurpreet is fretting about getting her daughter admitted in to a "good school"

sanjeev is flushed with the success of his venture and is exploring other business opportunities with a vengeance

ajit has been busy relocating back to bangalore from delhi via a long drive that took him thru rajasthan, maharashtra and exotic destinations

sunil is THE man who has been in the thick of all the action at
this is the calm before the storm

watch this space....


i'll be back....

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the power of content.. seen in the spread of the cell-phone-cam video ( see it here -
if you can handle it ) of saddam hussain's execution underlines a simple and obvious truth.

content is king. the more unusual and authentic the better it is.