Friday, June 16, 2006

calling names...and some more names

what about ? sabina singh would want this for her eponymous label. but i try to log in and it throws up a grim looking "forbidden" screen. isn't the pizza place. its got some set of listings posted. no connect to our desi domino's. is all about stuff in africa...not our coca-cola.

i loved ...its a travel reality check it out and ooh and aah over its funky truck style graphics...

moral of the story ?

don't just register your brand name domains...register associated ones too...

sunil, we need to do something with or i shall send you the bill for that !!!


junoesque said...

and do check out

dunno whether to laugh. or cry.

Rakesh Rai said...

This is interesting. Impulsively, I searched for more unusual names on google, here are a couple;


If you are wondering what's the 2nd one about, have a look at your keyboard :))